Standard Kindermat KM-100 (5/8" Thick)

Standard Kindermat KM-100 (5/8" Thick)
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Product Description

Standard Kindermat KM-100 (5/8" Thick)
Basic but essential Kindermat. Most kindergartens require this size Kindermat! The basic KinderMat is 5-mil vinyl. Red/Blue combo. 5/8" x 19" x 45" and folds to a convenient 11" x 19". One year warranty from the manufacturer.


Pillow Case-Style Print Sheets for KinderMats
Adorable and practical pillowcase-style fitted sheets completely envelope the KM-100 or KM-110 KinderMat so that your child rests against soft polycotton instead of just the vinyl.

The pillowcase sheets slip easily over the KinderMat and utilizes a sewn-in flap to keep the sheet from slipping off the KinderMat.

Available in four different patterns (view them by clicking on the small icon to the left for a large photo).

Trucks (not shown) has a blue background with different types of colorful constuction vehicles.

The brightly colored Bug Buddies (shown) has a lime green background with butterflies, caterpillars, snails and heart-shaped ladybugs in warm colors of orange, pink and purple.

Animal Alphabet (shown) is a mint green background with all the letters of the alphabet and matching animals frolicking on the (and in!) the letters. Letters are done in primary colors.

Water World (shown) features a light blue and navy blue patterned bubbling background with a variety of rainbow-colored fish swimming across the top.

Sheets measure 22" x 47".
Availability: Usually ships the same business day